About Us

Bespoke Cupcakes, Cakes, Favours, & Sweet Tables in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & Hertfordshire

Miss Cupcake is a family-run cakery based in Dunstable, Bedfordshire. We specialise in baked to order, bespoke cupcakes, celebration cakes, wedding displays, favours, and sweet tables.

Our mission is to create the moistest, tastiest cupcakes & cakes for everyone to enjoy.


We can make almost all our cupcakes & cakes free from animal products; including eggs, dairy, and gelatine. Most of our event days are exclusively vegan & gluten free (See our News page for details on up-coming events)

Gluten intolerant?

All our cupcakes & cakes can be made free from gluten

Any other allergies or requirements?

We will work with you to create the perfect cupcakes/cake to suit your needs, so, don’t be afraid to ask!

Want to know more?

Take a look at our other pages for examples of the products we can offer. If you have any questions, please use ourĀ contact us form and we will be more than happy to help.

And don’t forget to check out our News page for information on where you can find us, as well as tasty competitions, recipes and general cakey chit-chat.